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Andreas Mueller

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My name is 1nterlud3n. My mission: capture beautiful landscapes! I hope you enjoy my work. Don't hesitate to contact me and leave me a feedback of my pictures. All pictures are also available as prints or postcards. Thank you very much in advance!

I am 27 years old and I love to capture beautiful landscapes. The wildness got a lot of to discover and I want to share this feeling with you.
On my trips I got my camera and gear with me. Trying to search the best spot for relaxing and bring my daily stress level to zero.
You got suggestions for beautiful places? You want a shooting or go out shooting with me? Write me on facebook or instagram an we'll find a way. Links are on top of the page.
Nature is calling!


How to contact me?

Andreas Müller

Why contacting me?
First: I love to have feedback. Positive and negative. That gives me the opportunity to get better.
Second: Do you want to buy a picture as a print? I will advise you. Third: A sponsoring? Oh sorry, I am dreaming loud :D